Une application PEGI disponible sur iPhone

Soucieux d’être toujours plus accessible, le système de classification PEGI vient de lancer une application gratuite pour iPhone, iPad et iPod Touch. Son but ? Permettre d’obtenir en quelques secondes le classement PEGI de l’intégralité des jeux vidéos ratifiés depuis 2003.

Certes, l’application est actuellement disponible uniquement en Anglais, mais elle permet aux parents de s’assurer que le jeu qu’ils souhaitent acheter pour les enfants est adapté. Une initiative heureuse et gratuite qu’il est important de souligner.

L’application est disponible sur l’AppStore.
Voici le communiqué de presse officiel (en VO) :

PEGI Launches Free App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Information for European consumers about videogames content in one handy application

PEGI S.A., the organisation that manages the pan-European content rating system for games, has published a free app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The app offers an accessible way to browse the database of all the videogames that have received a PEGI rating (over 14,000 games and counting).

With this app, PEGI S.A. wants to make it easier for consumers across Europe to make informed decisions when buying games for children or teenagers. The app features specific search filters to allow us to search per platform and/or age rating. By showing the age label and detailed additional consumer advice, it provides clear information about the age suitability of a game. Using the content descriptors, it also indicates the main reasons why a particular rating is given to a videogame (eg. bad language, fear, violence, etc.). PEGI ratings consider the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty.

“We hope that this free app can give the PEGI system a boost in awareness among consumers, especially parents who buy videogames for children,” says Simon Little, Managing Director of PEGI S.A. “It offers quick and direct access to everything you need to know about PEGI and videogame ratings, so there’s no excuse not to download it to your iPhone, iPod or iPad.”